fourteenth day after the operation he was able to sit up in bed
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diagnosis. Complications, as pleurisy with effusion, bronchopneumonia,
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7. Give differentiation between inflammation of Skene's glands and caruncle of the urethra.
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closed by suture of the skin. In the control animals also, the skull
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tions and testimonials to be sent to John Barber at the Asylum.
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cartilage of the seventh rib; is not movable to any considerable extent; is
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form of "Monthly Memoranda" or other small slips which
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cystotomy, attended with the most terrible sufferings ; one
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1897^ xxix, n().2, 85-102.— Kozlievnikoff (A. Y.) Osobiy
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appendicitis per se is present. We know there is a pathological lesion there
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Let us first consider the constitutent features of jaundice,
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each meal, being four hundred and fifty grains per day. During these experi-
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Professor of Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Hygiene, and Clim-
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Piroplasma donovani ; but Ross created a new genus for it using
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When this fails to maintain the patient and food by the stomach
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scription of any person duly qualified for the purpose, beyond the pale
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the branches of the artery and duct are seen as elevated cords.
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