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Remaniss looked from face-to-face at the members of her Careteam. Derek. . .Elliot. . .
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stimulation or the injection of Kendall's iodine after
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inconceivable how much a physician may learn from himself by thus committing to paper
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duct is also surrounded by a mass of infiltrated lymph-glands which is 10 cm. in length and
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The chief reliance of many physicians i^ upon Strychnine, but the
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the symptoms ought, therefore, to rouse suspicion, knowing, as we
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fluenza is incontestable. Two types may be distinguished :
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which was not in favor of the diagnosis of tuberculosis ;
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essential that the profession should be solidly and democratically
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us from drowsy nodding with fervid exclamations of "I
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benefit from our studies in botany and zoology? any
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epilepsy, but repeated lumbar punctures cause them to disr
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lar, and painful. Her first attack was two weeks before I saw her. She
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resting upon an area of intensely inflamed dermal and subdermal tissue,
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Microscopical!}'', these basal ganglia are seen to be made up
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, would do well to study carefully the valuable outlines
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some writers to designate only an absolute resistance to infection,
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