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at the instant of the seizure. The delirium is manifested in different ways.
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doubtful as to infection ever taking place by way of the alimentary canal, although
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(a) Artificial Arrest of Lactation. — Lactation may be arrested at three
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the line of tbe living intestine. The symptoms are often in ex-
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John Henry Gay, Guy's Hospital ; William Crigeen Faraker, Guy's
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trace the beginning of their civilization to Ancient Greece and Home,
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preceded by the acute affection. It is held by many pathologists that the
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no one knows tJiis better than editors of journals.
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mellitus resulted from the sclerosis of the pancreas ; that
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taken on the assumption that the disease is spread from place to
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5,071 deaths, or 11.24 per cent. In 1S54 there were
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4. Accounts kept by this systom have been I 7. The LEDGER (»2.50) is good for 525
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>aw of health of which the sound heart is the prime agent,
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Lower Extremities. No telangiectases; slight edema of ankles
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which I have been treating with antivenomous serum,
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the publication of the Bulletin of the Congress, to be
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