be definitely associated with infectious fevers or poisons such
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above-mentioned small bodies may be either white blood-corpuscles, still clinging to the
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influence of sustained high temperature. The continuous excessive waste
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becoming ossified. The supra-occiput is thus divided development-
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for the sici. Room".: : ! '. ! 189 j Hydro-naphthoi :\:::v ::::.:'.:: .'.'.'.' : 28
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The Obstetrical Journal of Great Britain and Ireland. With an American Supple-
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(c) Egg oval or spherical ; outer membrane, 50 to 100 /i x 35 to
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marked tenderness over the spinous processes of the third,
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relieving the pains and allaying the terrible restless-
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giving it. I have seen no harm come from this plan,
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in almost eveiy instance, we have referred to the state cf the blood in
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* The knowlef1(»c of Pr. Cuilia's rnir work was ohtuiiird artrr the above wn< mostly written.
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joints." This designation does not seem to have been applied by him to any
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very young children it is usually preceded and accompanied by atelectasis or
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As to Dr. Grant's paper, I agree with Dr. Carpenter that tke use of
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Inc., or Blue Shield — as it is more commonly called — -
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origin of the fever is, that in all tropical regions where it
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causing undue moisture, it, too, becomes an evil. We de-
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organ for the destruction of the corpuscles, and one for their formation. Re-
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present also. The previous case observed was very similar.
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In Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and other
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pathogenesis of the problem, in spite of the suggestive
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professional advice in order that he miglit he able to per-
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The Relation of the Spleen to Certain Obscure Clinical Phenomena
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until the danger became thoroughly and generally recognized. At present,