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of six years. After the sixth year the greater the age the less the propor-

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not a dangerous disease, but among the poorer classes and in hospitals

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afterwards be removed for boiling, steaming, or immersion in one of the

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remedy. A rag wetted with cold water, or the evaporating

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in most of our cases. It consists of an inability to extend

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upon the hyperirritability of the peripheral neuronic system.

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indeed having in it from the beginning some of the elements of dementia :

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Slowing, usually halving, of the ])ulse-iate followed pressure on the vagus

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I A full and detailed account of our experiments together with the bibliography is

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tinued aching pain in the great-toe. He had applied various medica-

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thickness and smaller length of V. metchnikovii afford points of dis-

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larly known as a "cold in the head" — acute catarrhal rhini-

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pathological occurrence in man, it is assumed to exist in a variety of condi-

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diminished when the neutrophiles are increased and are frequently

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important factors in the production of mental deficiency in the

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hydrogen is avoided. The urine is evaporated to dry-

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Puerto Padre, while General Luque, with 12,000 Span-

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the lymphoid tissue of the mucosa of that part of the common biliary

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The peculiarity pf this procedure consists in cutting down upon a grooved

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est care is taken to prevent the entrance of air into the

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paratus or the performance of surgical operations for

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year was unable to keep up with his class. He was at

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phospho-glycerite was administered with a view 10 re-

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The early recognition of centric pneumonia gives time

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gyri. (10.) When pronounced disturbances of the muscles

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blood. Larger amounts have been observed in diabetes (0.478 per

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in close bottles or boxes, and no more should be mixed with

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After twenty-four hours he exposes it to the action of a solution