following year (1888) the population for the same year

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from two to three times the normal amount; the specific gravity is

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experience can afford, I can only say that my convic-

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In their fresh condition the tubercles are visible, or often more readily

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north of Glasgow, and has accommodation for 67 patients, of

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distinct. A cyst under the left false ribs was tapped, and a

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pital eight months ago on the surgical service with a very red, swollen, hot,

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arteriosclerosis. Certainly, pure diabetes in young persons, leading

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of the pulmonary organs are occasionally observed. The pleura is covered

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of acute inflammation. One-half of it was adherent, having, by

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occurs, and ultimately there may be cicatrization and healing. In many


The object to which the publication has been devoted from year to year,

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Dr. Abel Brace, CatskiU, Pres. Censors^Dr. Philip Tates,

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With reference to acute yellow atrophy of the liver, a disease

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sufficiently depressing to make it important that no other cause of de-

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sorption, it will be necessary to wash out the bladder

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Abbott's Bacteriology. — A Practical Manual of Bacteriology

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then there must be an unconscious bias in favour of a surgical termina-

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In analyzing the case we find it ia mast unusual in many particulars.

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the year 1885. Ibid.. 1886. Harrisburg, 1887, ii, 1004-1009,—

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insidiously in some old people who may always have led strictly temperate

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the thiosulphate solution until the fluid presents a faint yellow

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