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Hair in other parts of the body may also be scarce or absent. The nails

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infiltration beginning in the submucous tissue, and leading secondarily to

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injection of about twelve grains of morphine. To infants opium is very

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and the latter disease continues its course. Sometimes such an attack of

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of illegitimate children born was 1,515, or 1 in 6. — A resurrectionist in

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these 141 were shoemakers and 72 were tailors. The majority of cases

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of the thyroid gland, and extending outwards as far as the carotid arteries.

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Mea! procedure, but lack of sufficient children in the neighbourhood of the

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girdle sensation " is experienced. I found it present in forty out of forty-

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9nd. The increase of plasticity of the blood and its tendency to

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the feasibility of operating upon such united children, and to formulate the

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lous opening in the region of the sternum. The boy died suddenly, and

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3. Respiration has been fully treated already, and its effects on the heart and

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deposits of calcareous salts in the connective and other tissues of the pulp.

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To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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Alibert still continues to lecture on diseases of the skin at the hospital

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Loose bodies in joints impair the utility of the Hmb and cause pain, but

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tuberculous patients. The disease called pyorrhcea alveolaris, in which septic

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are becoming relatively rare, as the danger from syphilitic nurslings is better

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cleansed and plugged with cotton wool. They are placed in the copper

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corneal zone, due to congestion of the ciliary region, but there is very little

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steady from the commencement of the second week towards the time of the