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This observation also applies to nearly the whole eastern half of Ireland; so that if we divide the map, by a line extending throuffh free from the visitation; while the eastern half of Ireland, that on the right-hand side of the line, with its populous cities and towns, its numerous seaports, roads, sad factories, presenting all the facilities for the oonyeyance of contagion, shows a Tery large proportion of red-dotted towns, or towns that did not suffer firom the" It appears to me impossible to look at the map and these returns, without admitting the conclusion, that whether cholera may or may not become contagious, the element of contagion is of comparatively little importance; and that our best protection will be, and not in devoting too much of our energies to combat this element, but in improving the safeguards or protective powers that will render the fttmospheric, or contagious, as they may be." Sir J.