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ural reservoir, and an increased secretion from its mucous surface leads to

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tious and should always be cauterized as soon as seen to prevent any-

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is diminished by out-door exercise. Uric acid appears in the urine as a

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hemorrhages. I have frequently found these pleuritic adhesions the only

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ished, and there will be patches of new connective-tissue throughout its sub-

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lations will spring up and cicatrization-takes place, as in healing of an

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seven to fourteen days. The bowels should be kept confined for a week

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specific, and should be given in twenty-grain doses before eating. Creosote,

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Treatment. — The prophylactic treatment of measles consists in isolating

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Differential Diagnosis. — This form of bronchitis may be mistaken for aciite

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upon the shoulder, which drives the acromial end downward and inward,

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to a catarrhal lu-ocess — are always dependent upon the presence of tuber-

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are summed up in the reactions of degeneration. As long as the re-

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by process of dry caries (caries sicca). The disease is said to be more

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air escapes into the interlobular cellular-tissue, forming sacs of large or

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darker than others ; its movements are interfered with, and its surface pre-

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most in crowded localities, such as asylums and foundling hospitals. It

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stings, erysipelas, fevers, small-pox, etc. The symptoms may come on

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tion disappears another is developed, and this may go on for eight, twelve

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respond to those described as occurring in empyema ; they are increase of

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bloody urine indicate ulceration. Acute suppurative inflammation of the

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they come and go in a manner not well understood. The earliest and

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or 103"^ Fahr. Exacerbations and remissions then occur whicli are more

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tion and spasmodic approximation of the vocal cords, there will be difficulty

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increases, the patient suddenly " sinks," the pulse becomes small, rapid,

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sound at the apex, and for ajjre-iliastolic basic murmur transmitted to the

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has become livid with cold and which is not yet believed to be dead,

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ncijj^hborhootl. When this is impracticable, sulphate of quinine may bo

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More or less evidence of dislocation will be present. These, together

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Prognosis. — The prognosis is always unfavorable ; its tendency is steadily

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Pneumonic tuberculosis usually commences as a bronchial catarrh. The

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in the hands, feet, and face, but soon over the entire body. The axillary

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and arachnoid, but contains no part of the cord or spinal nerves. The

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The treatment consists in securing the proper blood supply, remov-

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a dark blue color. The lower part of the small intestine, in rare instances,