from which rije up Leaves and Stalks, like the others ;

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wort. 4- -Krf/i Mgypt iacum Eolijs valde longis bir-

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Rufll. The Root of this is bujhy like the left juft

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of a Golden yellow color, both the Cup and the Leaves,

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f Lining Leaves , broader than thofe of Clavers <9/*

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ded into feveral parts , white , and Jpungy, of a plea-

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fad , that it relembles the Brafll for color, but not

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They are profitable againft Sore Eyes, and are pood

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It (being applied) eafes the Pains of the Gout, fbft-

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of a whit if) b yellow color, and leffer than that of

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Barrennefs. It is ufed with fuccefs in foul, putrid

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all the Virtues of the liquid Juice, being more pow-

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t is lingular good to flay the Malignity of fp-ead!

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grow alfo narrower, but with their continued. Rough-

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of their own members, and the persons who shall thus be ad-

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yellow Flowers ; which being pafs’d away, do turn

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cold of a Winter, if there be care ufed to preferve

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Legislature in 1855 to get that right, yet down to this day they

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a Root which is hard and Woody , with feveral f ibres

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we should spend so much time in water we would be provided

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alfo the reft of the Riant are reddijh , and reddijh

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black than purple or yellow, and this chiefly about the

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with Purflane like Leaves. Its Ryot is. long and fi-

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malarial affections, and are strong corroborative evidence of the

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them being whitijh , each for the moft part fet againft

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which are the Seed , ( tho' Pliny fays they have none.)

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that is never warped into cyclonic effects, altitudes from 3800

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temperature, the profuse perspiration and the great prostration,

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the fruit, enclofed in a thin Skin or Bladder, of a

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is blown open, has all its Leaves hollow : but w hen

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duties did a great deal of charitable work among the poor of

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of differing Forms and Colors , fome being great and

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Betonica Pauli, Veronica mas , Pauls Betony, Speed-

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■thick, fofr, woolly Leaves, lying upon the Ground,

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carpentry and printing trades, etc. ; giving each one of these men and

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high, wi th feveral -J obits- therein ,• -and branched to,

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