.her pain over the stomach being very acute ; she had been

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paraplegia in the severer cases — ^" longitudinal sinus syn-

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and very highly albuminous, although later polyuria may de-

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C. H. Acute multiple arthritis. He received at intervals three doses of

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culin, because he thought it dillicult to draw conclusions if only a selection

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take place ; or the changes may lead to perforation of the

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10 in thickness. At the upper end there is some thickening of the capsule.

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The first in strength of from one to three drachms to the

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having good filters is what we should aspire to. As George Eliot wrote, "If we

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suddenly sliowed itself, from which he quickly sank

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fi'om (and there is no reason for not ascribing the same rate of

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" A rather doleful Christmas, the one great lack, that of

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cineritious colour ; the latter frequently terminated

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for the children of pellagrous women to remain free from any sign of

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improvement up to a certain point, when the permanent condition of

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nor, if we admit that it is modified in the animal, is it certain that the

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The old remedy of brandy and camphor also has some virtue

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condition. A tumor is rarely visible or palpable in non-malignant obstruc-

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are sometimes present. (2) In the brachial type, which is more common,

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vomiting was produced, but coma and insensibility followed. A great

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glasses will improve the eye and health buted another paper to any medical society

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growth is present, since it may be imitated by fecal accumulation in

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zones of hyperesthesia. Successful treatment of these lesions

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No. 18, Central Street, Seven Doors from Kilby Street,

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laboratory instruction. A new botanical laboratory is being

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plications which are beyond the scope of this paper

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tity, it is for the most part productive of stimulating

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The rest of the cell element of the cortex showed the

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Ilog cholera investigations: Chief of Division in charge; W. B. Niles, veterinary

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