Royal Horse Guards— viz., 14-85 per 1000 of the strength.

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Cerebrospinal meningitis: In this disease it is believed that the

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worthy of recognition than the "licentiate" of a ho-

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as well as on the precautionary measures respecting exposure in visiting or

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these germs usually in pure culture. On one occasion

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Both bones were fractured just above the ankle-joint. The upper end of the

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greater than normal, and as a consequence its walls hypertrophy. Tliey

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the frontal and tempi >ro-sphenoidal lobes. Slight opacity of arachnoid on pos-

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of shock is the case mentioned by Romberg, in which facial spasm

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manifestation of the secondary period, especially at its

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Laveran (1880). Annales de Dermatologie, pp. 173-197.

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peutic Applications. By J. H. Kellogg, M. D., Member of the

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ing the administration of epinephrin. The rise is slow, the highest point being

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general and extensive venous obstruction. It must be conceded that

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include premium discounts for physicians recertified

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of parasites because of the conclusions reached by Doctor Marshall,

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their surroundings. After the illness rest and quiet in the country or by

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many as six sinuses existed on admittance. A single dorsal

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serum protein with the addition of a little tenth-normal sodium

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some. Chemical tests for determining the approximate yield of pro-

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mice given the high dose of Axid (2,000 mg/kg/day, about 330 times the human

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brought his researches under the attention of the scientific

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is said to be of several grades, being graded according to the ammonia

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The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland grants licences in

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the mesoblast, epiblast, and hypoblast (a small portion of the

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fountain syringe and a rectal tube I had brought with me. .

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puscular body, being 1-5 ^ in diameter when round, and 3 by 2 ^ to 2-5 by

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euphemism for petty larceny, it is equally clear that an

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of the eyes, producing presbyopia, or long sightedness.

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diameter of the pelvis, this motion is obviously 1-20 of an

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the main symptoms of both cases being in accordance

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Augusta, Georgia, May 14th, 1860. Fine, large, well conditioned, active dog. Temperature

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of the disease, and furnished a valuable aid in prog-

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1. David J. Alcorn, of Kentucky. Thesis on Cynanche Trachoalis.

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Cystitis — Eclampsia — Encephalitis — Eucalyptus

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face, state of the mouth, rales muqueux and sibilant, diarrhoea, pain of

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occurring in the throat as a complication of these diseases.

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The following method enables one to prepare sacs of any desired diameter

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the subject of such contradictory opinions that it is not possible at the present time

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in every respect complete. Upon what principle and for what

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tacle, at the time of fillinj,% be furnished by the customer for whose service such

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the whole amount was passed off in the urine. The absence of any fatal

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the double purpose of arousing patients from the cataleptic state and