of the army, and for three offences — mutiny, insubordination
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4. Take it from the solution with sterilized forceps, and place
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Aneurisms of the arch of the aorta are not necessarily so, for-
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carbonate and potassic permanganate, and by this means all
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at the third rib and at the left sternal line. A well-defined systolic murmur
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minute, and then often accompamed by fainting spells.
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the fact that tuberculosis was considered to be connected with
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Reference.— '" Scottish Med. and Surg. Journ.," July, 1897.
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allowing the slides to remain for five minutes in absolute alcohol.
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shrivel, and present a yellow tint. Before the conclusion of the
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Packard, F. S., Norlina, Bowdoin Med. Sch.. Me., 1887 1907 1922
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simple inoculation^ in minute quantity, as by the point of a
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Irrigation of the stomach and bowel with warm water has
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freest blood-letting, combined with mercurial purges. On the merits
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ances characteristic of acute bronchitis. Not a particle of
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few cases the mass of the blood was certainly in the
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acetylene, C 2 H 2 , a poisonous gas especially fatal to vegetable life. It has
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at the apex. The leukocyte count varies "from 4000 to 18,000" (Foster).