Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologic, 1874. 73. WYLLIE. The Disorders of Speech, 1895, p. 487.
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and bleeding time done on all newborn charity babies. The color,
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the left half of the thyroid cartilage by means of an eleva-
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one of the most experienced, learned, and judicious surgeons of the present day.]
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presented to the state board of medical examiners a
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body, and any variety may occur in the brain. The most com-
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examination for promotion, and thence to San Francisco, Cai., to
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are found in the areas of erythema wliich precede the formation of the
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I quote as an instance an extract from the article by A. Baader: "A
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Altitude 1850 Feet Mild Winters Breezy Summers Abundant Sunshine
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benefit from our studies in botany and zoology? any
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rheumatic affections, as they are to the healthy heart, and that their use in
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Post-mort. examination forty-four hours after death. — Body emaciated to
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vessels. Under these circumstances, in addition to the purpura spots
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to New York, thus proving her ability to undertake quite heavy
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ically limited the motions of the joints. There are
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other causes were sought for. Poison has been called in to ac-
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any discharge. The highest temperature was 105" on February
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which from doses of i grain was gradually | chosen by the author, a new light may be
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This work was among the earliest which endeavored to establish the
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work done by the pioneers of public hygiene in redeeming the
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depressed cicatrix at the aperture of entry. There were no evidences
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reaction does not subside after the third day, the dose
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present, but considerably diminished. On July 9 the leg and foot were still
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Pieces of the lumbar cord of this monkey were taken aseptically and preserved
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While the work is scientific or exact, it is written as well for
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with phosphates in every degree of consistency in freshly voided urine.
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3. The Digestive System. — For the first few days after labour there is a loss
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scription of any person duly qualified for the purpose, beyond the pale
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Chronic hemodialysis. Home hemodialysis. Peritoneal dialysis. Hospital consultations.
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full possibilities of investigation along this line.
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meatus. The second operation, made at a later period,
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of the Cleveland Medical Society to the state organization
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an extensive slough and inflammation, erysipelatous in