than in the district north of the region inhabited by it.
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It was not as some have supposed, a high or malignant grade
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portion of the iris, having grasped it at its pupillary
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The patient left the Hospital cured three months after the
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The lack of oxygen at high altitudes, the cause of so many symp-
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and rendered innocuous by making these fomentations alkaline,
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the writer believes the cases would be few in number
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favour is correct, any further stages in the life-history repre-
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Illustrations of the Arrest of Infectious Disease by Isolation of the
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This procedue not only increases the blood volume but also the
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a problem and to offer to work out a payment plan if
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auricular appendix by two round openings the size of a bougie. The
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Cronkrite, of Wacousta, Michigan, a nurse whose life has been
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joint does not improve under syphilitic remedies it is not syphilitic.
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death will be widely mourned on public and scientific, as well as for
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ment, that his influence will always be in favor of the doctor
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April 2nd. There were some sub-crepitant rales in the lower por-
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tives of nine different nations (including tw-o Japanese). It is
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And it cannot but be remarked, as an extraordinary example of
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was because the refractive index of albumin is less than that of globulin
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Kling, Pettersson and Wemstedt^ and others. A careful investigation
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enlargement and lined with hypoblastic cells, is well marked,
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sumably injured. After the patient goes into the open air he should be told