But the best case of recent wounds which I have to report

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baby mother's milk and forget all other foods. The baby's own mother

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them producing distention, and so causing cysts. 3d, In the enlarge-

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Acute pericarditis, therefore, should be treated according to the

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itself locally in the right mamma soon after a severe blow upon the part. For

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irregularities, than any Act of Parliament will ever

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Yawning and short cough, with weakness and imeasiness in the

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daughters, when going to the place of execution, cried out, ' Where-

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from the standpoint of the employer of native labour.

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substances in the child, and child prostitution. 3 Neglect

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lation which was universally accepted by the physicians

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from bed, before food was taken, and also during the day, especially after

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6. Hill, Alex. "Notes on Thorns, " Brain, 1897, p. 133.— 7. Kraepelin. Psycho-

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ceding cases, nor were the lungs, either externally

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ing a Case of Traumatic Rupture of Congenital Cystic Kidney. Dr. C E.

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prove the existence of a virus in the tuberculous products; and that

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Progres med.. Par., 18is6, 2. s.. iii, 85. — Pryoi- (W. R.)

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Considering the purity of its teaching, the regulars seem to

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speech is lost, consists in an inability to reproduce words and

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first be made, but operation should not be deferred until the

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occasion. Restlessness less marked ; epigastric pain quieter; tongue still

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thus aid in overcoming the celiac element, affection damaging the neuro-muscular ele-

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Tn the more severe cases the head is jerked about with extreme violence,

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examination, we find very dissimilar states of the brain. In some, there

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Dr. Ferguson h.id made the following report upon the speci-

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ulcer, and the contiguous parts become adherent at that point a conser-

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pital in New York for treatment and has remained free from recur-

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particular in giving thtir directions, that no mistakes may occur in sending U to tnem.

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of depression, in which the mind participates. Before, indeed, any

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symptoms that I cannot add much about the physical ones ;

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sedentary life and are troubled with indigestion, are believed to be

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further examinations show that this congestion of the pia mater

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the same amount of coagulated egg albumin in three hours, and a

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the muscular coat results, and later often lessening of the size of the

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annual convention of this Society was held at Shipman, last