sons, and especially by the laboring-classes, who rank
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rence of some unusual accident to the organs, as striking upon a
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A Foulis tracheotomy tube was introduced. The patient made a
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purpose,' says the Duke of Argyll, in his most interesting
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male child.' No doubt the conception occurred while
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home, producing a longitudinal laceration of the stricture.
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of regular gout, if carefully and judiciously instituted, there is often
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test muscles only as groups. Hence slight paresis of individual muscles
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ness to inflammation of the viscera of the abdomen,
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jject may be attained, and that Albrecht von Grae/e
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the infection succeeded, according to the supposition, we must always
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1 Mrs. Carlyle had her own way of Innocent exaggeration, as have
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internal capsule and portions of the adjacent caudate, thalamus and lentiform
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not cure the mother and enable her to continue to furnish her
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Pericardl\l Pleura. The pericardium is more difficult to
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ate of some college, and three years, if not a graduate —
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the bowel within the hollow of the blades, and the de-
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Some years ago, the writer had the case of a man who was a mar-
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chiefly prevail where there is crowded human life, whether in cities,
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the retention in the blood-vessel system, of the water, urea and salts, which should be
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The feet also became affected. He was treated in hospital during six
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both headings. And yet, according to the same statistics, the
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prolonged. That in all three eases, the severest and most constant pain
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not attended by corresponding improvement of the patient, but
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cent) the total hemoglobin began to rise again sharply, and at the same time
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essential internal parts. The use of flanking projec-
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splenization, hemorrhages, and emphysema — in fact,
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CMes selected from those sent in by Students in Competition for
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we think it likely that these changes are the result
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there is no adequate remedy. I should like to add one other word with regard
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early symptom, the patient soon experiencing fatigue
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cases are not sufficient to prove anything, but they serve
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meeting of November Mlh. At the meeting of Sopleiuber '2tlth, Dr. S.
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excellent pain relief for patients experiencing acute
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TuRNBULL, M.D., Physician to the Liverpool Royal Infirmary.