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have been attacked during pregnancy are liable to future attacks in
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consecutive thrombosis, than pure embolus. At the beginning, t!ie arteries
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shades given by a drop of blood caught on filter-paper according to the hemoglobin
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tioner can determine what diameter of the head he seizes, and liow much
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that they would result in grave and unnecessary harm to patients at
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These pains seem to have a tendency to recur in the normal period and
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At a yet later stage progression sometimes becomes almost impossible ;
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3 Herrick, W. W., /. Am. Med. Assn., 1918, Ixxi, 62; Arch. Int. Med., 1918,
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Purgatives have been much employed in this as in most other diseases.
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surgical, and consists in opening the suppurating joints. We
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while much fluid was occasionally found in the ventricles. The
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cur, also, in those who have lost an unusual quantity of blood,
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