absolutely extinct, it was scarcely heard of; but, in 1850, it burst upon
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to correct the practice by teaching the value and the character of accu-
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Under date of February 25th Dr. J. A. McDonald of Century, Fla., writes as follows;
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It may suffice to say that nowadays this method has
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this sad wreck of human intellect was really amusing, from
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having chronic myocarditis alone. Slight vertigo is common, but true syncopal
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globules and a fibre," the varieties of cancer — the cvLvcmomafbrosum, medidlare,
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in all the cases collected by Dr. B. one or more of the limbs were affected.
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stools of pellagra patients. Paltauf , who investigated pellagra,
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each is directed against the larvae rather than the adult
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I first ordered a warm pediluvium, then a hand bath with fric-
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Capillary hyperemia of the papillae and uppermost layers of the
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leaders. This event has become a very popular political
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45. Actions and prosecutions for any thing done in pur-
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of the lids, vertigo, exaltation of the intellectual faculties, sense
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Of the three fractures of the shaft, one was comminuted, and
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be detected.") Fifth trial, with four healthy and three syphi-
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the intrusion of others and the threat of prosecution or litigation! Wouldn't
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city. The walls of this pouch were very thick and hard, and there was a deposit
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passed through the kidneys and peritoneum, and thus gave rise to sugar
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include the author’s name(s) and initials, title of article, abbreviated name of Journal, volume number, pages and year of
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itself could not produce such a condition, for the liver-
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In pneumococcal meningitis the lesions are most marked over the con-
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onds. Repeat until the color is discharged. The first test will probably
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with a specimen exhibited by Dr. Ray, I reported a case of detachment
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intracranial lesions ; he states that in those cases of abscess in which the
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live, and the poor have been struck in every quarter, often at the very
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be seen without dissecting the mesocolon from its connection
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