was dark-colored and that his stools were clay-colored. At
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had been appointed to open the discussion, was unable to be
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amputate this member also. On the 83d day of the disease, after having been
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filial relationship, and establish them in homes in a
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perspirations, unruliness, stamping and pawing violently,
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ber of other substances might be discussed, nearly all of which
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of vesicular breathing. Here the tubercular matter excites just
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sincerely, I wish also to thank you for having selected
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"The efficiency of the rapid concussions incidental to railway travelling in
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The philosopher of Chicago, viewing this country from
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genital lesions this possibility must always be borne in mind. On the
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other respects, Professor Velpeau, like many other men who
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Bailey and Miller; N euro- Anatomy, Larsell; Applied, Pottenger; Reference Books—
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the brain of a barkeeper, just deceased, finally putting the cover on
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atrophic (granular contracted) cases associated with each. The percentages refer
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can be accomplished much better and with less danger to the adjacent
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suggest the value of the early use of fluids by the ahmentary tract in
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creases markedly the field of operation and facili-
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globin was 80; there were 10,800 leukocytes, and the differential
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left side of the abdomen, and the lesser curvature in its
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has continued a few days, and the excretion of urea is so diminished that
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his over-all welfare, including the financial aspects.
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sizes, from that of a pea to that of a pistol ball,
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amount of alcoholism, prostitution, insanity, pauper-
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be wanting to render the Institution deserving the liberal patronage
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their size. They were at the time of death 13 and 1-4 months old
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Excretion of Ammonia in Human Urine.— A Schitten-
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childhood/' and reports a number of obscure cases diagnosed by this method.
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and other animals, before the Phrenological Society, were well received.