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tened between two pieces of paper, and its histological charac-
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the ideas of their inventors melted out of them. All that is
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Whereas power hath been granted to the Medical Council of the College of Physicians
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nearly so great as that following morphin ; therefore, all dan-
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when there was no foggy weather to account for them. In the
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gangrene of the lungs; about 40 cases are recorded in which ascarids have
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Treatment. — ^This is mainly local. The bladder may be irrigated with
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an experienced old physician. . . . With the greatest foresight
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were due to absorption tlirough the torn tissues. Tlie only
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that I do not now recall more than two cases, and they were of
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tube introduced. Immediately afterward the patients could freely move
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of soap must be avoided ; the child should have proper
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enter the sac and find that the bowel is not adherent.
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sides. The diiierence, however, is that the connective tissue
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"a kind of low fever" tried the remedy with success. " I have now," he
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pox in the workhouse, and that they now had a clean bill of
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of the census realizes how very difficult will be the imder-
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substance tried ; one very curious experiment we cannot, how-
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has an agreeable odour and a slightly bitter and aromatic taste. It
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Ewen had laid before the congress, he said that he had
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Dr. Post stated that a medical gentleman from Geor-
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XLVI. Wells, H. Gideon. The Chemistry of the Liver in
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much as possible with the right hand and apply the forceps with
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uloventricular node approximately 0.12 of a second before the ven-
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a catheter, which had been passed into the bladder. On in-
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are equal, and, as optic atrophy becomes advanced, they are dilated and
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his family connections, noticeably weak in character. This
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In conclusion, I will give a list of the most important remedies which
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was removed through the mouth with forceps. Until after removal the two
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brown tinge is produced. The burette reading, taken
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