of the peritonaeum. The intestines usually adhere in shapeless masses,
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logique de la fievre. J. dem6d.de Lyon, 1868, x. 481 ; 531. —
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he complained of dillicult, frequent and painful micturi-
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etc., natural. He again replies as before to questions.
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alone, particularly of cold water, rarely answer the purpose, at least
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not a mere irritation of the edge of the lids such as often accom-
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appearance in the commencement of fever. Then the lancet, leeches,
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Gelegenlieit gchal)t. Alleiu es liegt kein Grund vor, die Angabeu der Briider
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the causation of diarrhoea to the consumption of these impure
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It is mainly useful in veterinary practice as a cough
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Shrinkage in paraffined and unparaffined cheese cared at different temperature*.
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poisoning through the ingestion of meat infected with B. proteus. The
3. Types of Tubercle Bacilli in Cervical and Axillary Gland
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viUe's account, abbreviated wherever it seemed practicable
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battle front 400 miles long and with 63,000 ambulances?
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Probably the chief interest centers in the use of bacterial antigens sii
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used in the sick-room, with their methods of applica-
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then they must be cut through close to the ligatures, and the testicle replaced.
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child died on the sixteenth day ; menses fifth week ; fol-
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trace of hemolysis it was rejected. A series of flat bottom tubes, 22
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