times the patient vomits more or less se- repeated hypnotic suggestion. The pa-
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geon to the Royal Free Hospital and Lecturer on Surgery at the
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From the nasal mucosa microorganisms may pass directly into the men-
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They do not pretend to teach the clinical student any single thing
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The continuance of slightly anodyne expectorants, a powder con-
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of the lingual nerve (chorda tympani fibers) will oftentimes intensify
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such children were hitherto supposed to be often unsatisfactory and not worth
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maintain that nuclei only are in the first instance preBentj
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crease of the hcemorrhage ; but this i have only seen in
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Clinical Results Outlined with Bacillus Acidophilus.— By giving a
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ct aphthalmologie ^ No. 4, 1895, in which the following case
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of " Medical Statistics," seventeen of the " Subject
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stroke of the sun, as one upon which there appears to exist very loose and
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in forming the basis of individual resolutions to be
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independent of malaria," Dr. Eulenburg states that he
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work faster than common, so as to throw off the excess of bile. When it
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more common amongst the middle and labouring classes, on account of their
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trees are also in bloom in the southern part of Serbia.
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of the medical department of the University of Cincinnati.
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and, indeed, the starvation must not be long continued in any
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that of croup. In the first case, the lesion of the lung, which
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static void NRscale(mat, scale, nrl, nrh, ncl, nch)
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1886. Boustbad, Robinson, M.D., Lieutenant-Colonel, R.A.M.O., c/o Messrs.
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fering especially in the eyes, another in the nose, another in the
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These statistics, except the first and last, are quoted from the re-
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useless when this symptom is due to uraemia, and reliance must then
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in conduct to revert to the diseases from which they had
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of eruption period of incubation ten to fourteen days ; treatment,
affections. Dr. Todd confessed that he had had no experience, but he strongly advised
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normal organism and those which are elicited in the therapeutic
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increasing doses. The girl bears the injections well,