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tlie loop as it is drawn back through the rectum. It remains

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We obtained coded death certificate data for New Mexico

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lying thus till she was discovered. The body was supple, and its

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times felt. This may be explained on the view of Sher-

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of firearms in warfare, amputation of a limb was rarely

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bear his burden with dignity, without complaint, and

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" The Treatment of Pes Equino-varus by Continuous Leverajje."

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more, and in eight others a period of six months or more has elapsed

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or elsewhere, only a slight contusion on or about the lambdoidal suture of

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(Metschnikoff in listener Med. Presse.) The striking facts of immunity of

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promoter of the other derangements. The only organ, except

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condition. The symptom sometimes connects itself with dyspeptic

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ently. The poison of lead appears to exert some peculiar

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cases of tubercular laryngitis get well, but it seemed to me they were

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Dr. Sayre, of New York ; Dr. J. L. Atlee, of Penn. ;

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history of puerperal fever did not differ from the history of other contagious

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tribute to one kind of success, but fairly equipped with the

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seen in the earliest stage of the disease fifty per cent,

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If the shock was moderate, some rise might occur. In cases where the

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that neither the body nor any portion of the body is allowed to


get up. If she does not get up after calving, continue the treat-

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- Examination P. M. There were gvj. of water in the ventricles, but

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and tongue, somewhat ataxic gait, with exaggeration of all

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labors I have referred in the foregoing pages — must always

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with rapid extravasation of fecal matter and shock as one of the conditions for

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Fig. 3. A single microscopic field from a blood film of a mouse 8 days after

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be abbreviated by hypnotic medicines. Anstie thought that this might

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ing in the open air, and especially of those suffering from offensive

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this edge, and to touch the head itself; then slipping the

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