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lungs by the operation of causes that produce an abnormal degree of

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usually hoarse and of a low pitch. In cases of long duration the symp-

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appear between the metacarpal bones. The degenerative changes do

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dered difficult and distressing. Dyspnea, even to suJfFocation, may be

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neutralizing effect of the alkaline succus entericus. This in-

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of Avhich produce the same general effect upon the system. Repeated

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Dr. Henry E. Spalding, well known on account of frequent contribu-

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The symptoms of the latter do not intermit from time to time, as in

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thoroughly convinced ; in neutralizing the hyperacidity of the gastric

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adults. On the other hand, a comparatively mild chronic form is rarely

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ful for the occasional stomatitis and salivation. Potassium iodid, and

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acid). Acetone strikes a Burgundy-red color on the addition of the

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Books for review, exchanges and contributions — the latter to be contributed to the

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the seat of diseased processes (particularly ulceration), is sometimes found

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and broad ligaments to the stump, is preferred by the writer in the

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thorax and abdomen are prompt and vigorous ; if in the dorsal region,

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General Pathology. E. O. Jordan. $3.00. W. B. Saunders Company.

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bations. It is possible that these remissions may be permanent, and one

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Pjg 66 — C C , aged fortv-two, female, suffering from septicopyemia with amyloid kidney.

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with the chest-wall, despite the presence of a large accumulation. A

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hypertrophy. In valvular disease the augmented tension in the ven-

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physema when the causal disease invades the whole or a greater portion

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condition of the mucous membrane and an acid medium, the primary or

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Definition. — Narrowing of the bronchus, due either to constriction

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Over-hypertrophy, as indicated by certain cerebral and thoracic

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areola of miliary vesicles may be noticed. The base of the original ves-

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odor of the breath, in abscess will usually suffice to eliminate the latter

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and hepatic regions, varying with the degree of enlargement, may also

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from, or depressed beneath the normal line of section according as to'

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symptoms. The chief sign is tenderness on palpation over the track of

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multiplication of the micro-organisms that are concerned in the inflamma-

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" uremic " or " renal asthma," is a marked, rather constant, and often an

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but only exceptionally ; it is then usually associated "with tricuspid

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