culation within the labyrinth, and consequent compression of the endolymph,

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is voided into one receptacle it is impossible to say whether certain

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circumscribed. Other changes noted were a general degeneration of

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postponed, as, for example, laparotomies, operation for

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more favorable than those obtained by Mr. Macnamara ; viz : sixteen were cured sad

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purposes. In fissures of the nipples of nursing women it affords relief when

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relieved pain, and sleep was obtained. Soon, however, itching

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characteristic deformity results which is called the " main-en-griffe";

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in New York, he labored under the idea, so common to many

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was not really allowed to be cured by him ; and as bright

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Indiana " Hoosier," " Howd'y do, sir," with seven brigot students blest,

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population of 1,000,000 we would have 20,000 people or there-

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the quadriceps femoris, which on the right side is wasted to

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of being present at hundreds of lectures on subjects in which

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An exception seems to be the soap devised by McClintock, in which

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O NE of the important medical centers of this country

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or have a peculiar appearance. In diphtheria the mem-

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letter to the Medical journals :—" I am directed by the two

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far as I have ever seen or heard, is wonderfully reduced in

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first, on February 6th, I found the following state :

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4. Beer, E., King, F. H. and Prinzmetal, M.: Pheochromocy-

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instead of being kept in cans as it commonly is. Tbe