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after six months or six years. Our own experience would lead us to

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ways been considered to be obstructed, were, on the contrary,

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reproductive apparatus also appears to be affected to a

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in the habit of giving Cystogen in five as in previous cases, and the patient dis-

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ness only, and pain is present at some time in about two-fifths

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mence on the 1st of September, and continue until the 1st of

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mination of this case — the hard, brawny neck giving place to its

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ably by Vv'eismann. There is much in hered- boy was treated with the x-rays, and, in

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me, health being feeble just now. ... I have been ailing all

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the book itself was not examined by the compiler, as the absence of the

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days, the patient in the mean time appearing comparatively well. The taking up

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received it. The statement was false, as might be expected from

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ing: references and abstracts to medical journal articles;

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and 174 beautifully colored original illustrations. Cloth, ^4.00 net.

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ly backward. On coughing, bubbles of air came from the wound.

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method. It is these methods, used either singly or com-

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tion was performed in strict accordance with the tech-

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recovery was spontaneous. Some years ago he had ob-

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civics, mental and moral philosophy, and log^c; and the

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contact, although it may be communicated by means of fingers,

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is offered for the circulation of air and blood needed for the

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usually slope inward, giving rise to the characteristic funnel shape. The edges

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grasping the uterus, will stimulate contraction and expel

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officinal and magistral preparations. To our list of

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(first day — Eufaula) ; New York Obstetrical Society ; New

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of cultivation where vegetation is luxuriant and is permitted

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60-65. 'Also: Ann. Ophth. &, Otol , St. Louis, 1895, iv, 345-

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and augments in the cellular membrane to enlarge this concrete

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and to assist in perfecting a method for higher medi-

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