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plasma itself. This substance may be constantly present, but may
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erty which fits it for use in particular cases. In some nervous
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posite to, but a little nearer to the toes, than the point of entrance.
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Misce : fiat haustus, bis terve quotidie capiendus.
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was brought to me with symptoms of stone, but in whom
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loss of the support of the extensor tendons. The flexors are much weaker
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must be laid silent in the grave, and who knows the
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will " lengthen the bones, the cartilage, the sinews ; "
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larly prepared specimens from various parts of the nerve trunk
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this that the mucous glands of the bronchial mucous
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An injection of virulent anthrax in any of these ani-
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portion, about 1.5 cm. from the ulcerated surface of the os. The loose, submucous con-
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plumbers, and others interested in sanitation. What-
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blood in various crt«.gps of putrescence, and some
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no pain. With regard to the removal of uterine tumour by abdominal incision,
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the south-west, were smitten, the one in August and the other in
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other factors than caisson disease were undoubtedly concerned
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epoch was a complete edition of the Hippocratic writings,
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relief. The testis was punctured as in the preceding case, with the same
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of this kind one turns to any method of anaesthesia which promises
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some tea and toast. Ordered beef tea and six ounces of wine
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of iron, of iodine, of the various alkaline and neutral salts, and of the