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strength described by Dr. Pjohardson in a paper read before the
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shortness of breath. The physical examination exhibited
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fected sacks, which are left for the postal clerks of
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upon the subject of phosphorous poisoning are mentioned, and the correct-
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shifted gently from the bed to the sofa, but it was impossible ; the
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cluded, so that it is all but exclusively devoted to normal human anatomy,
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septic action. Sublimate lotion for the hands, carbolic lotion for the
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exempt from the possibility of error, becomes less fallible by
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the congenital defect in its development. As indicated in Fig.
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number of spots of extravasated blood beneath the peritoneal layer,
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written matter, with the privilege to the addressee of avoiding
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the heads of others equally good whose merits are not so well
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unwarranted enthusiasm concerning individual methods and ignoring
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under normal conditions there is a constant negative pressure within the
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and its effects be watched with very careful scrutiny.
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prognosis for patients who experience a year without recurrence after
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tinued for half an hour if necessary, care being taken
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broad ligaments were secured with compression-forceps,
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of small doses of caffein and acetanilid, are indicated. The
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Post-lumbar Puncture Headache, William R. Vetter (Jan) 93
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oral schools in Europe, I strongly urged in my pub-
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suitable for hospital use. The electric light bath, or even the Turkish
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,, . = , , , , . , . , tion that a bellows-sound, accompanying
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oflBces under this system ; it should have the power to close
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tection within the first few days after the inocidation has been per-
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Dr. Hofkin wrote to me that the girl had been taken to Atlantic
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education. He then retired from tlie navy, and began study-
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toward the abdomen. Pressure usually affords relief, but if inflammatory
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thereby quite an amount of clinical material was placed at
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results with cattle cannot be discussed here^ except to say that the
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Cohn admits several species of schizomycetes. Nageli says that he does
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come from the clothing, bedding, etc., and also from neglected water-
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accelerated the pulse 34 beats, caused a rise in the sj'stolic pressure
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fractures par le massage et la iiiobilisatioD. 4°.
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each other or to a definite phase of the cardiac cycle.
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About the eighth month of her pregnancy I saw her, in consulta-
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a result which, it appears to me, is due to Dr. Otis, more
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bonum;" otherwise we might have tospeak of the volume somewhat differ-
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insusceptible to erysipelas. The practical bearing of
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in the treatment of purulent ophthalmia, because of its mild, but
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the Rudolph Virchow Hospital in Berlin, the St. Georg
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years. 1 This has been, in the main, couched in highly technical terms of chem-
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remission of symptoms and it also served as a built-in
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position of which they are perfectly acquainted, but which
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modern science have been put in requisition for this purpose.
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soon came to adopt the routine practice of promptly
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cise an un&vorable influence on invalids at that period of the year.
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injected by one insertion of the needle, on account of the
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(4) Water supply. — The water supply of the farm or dairy may b
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These were movable upon one another, but could not be completely
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duces more or less disturbance of the digestive functions, often mani-
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Ainstein has recorded a case in a female aged four. In an
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knowledge as applied to the classification of insur-
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inadequate or inappropriate, they may lead to disorders. The term is also used to refer to the stimuli that elicit
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