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I am not much of a pathologist. No definite infection is known
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numerous papers and discussions upon these points with which the
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and especially in transverse lesions of the spinal cord. It consists of
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tincture of digitalis as a cardiac tonic; opium to keep
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With this brief preliminary I shall proceed at once
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The remark just made regarding the effect of perseverance applies to
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of syringo-myelia) are tactile anaesthesia and painless felons.
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alysis of the left side of the body, and of the right side of the face
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turmoil of business, when all seem striving, each in his own
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first error into which surgeons have generally fallen in the use of
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difficult and is of paramount importance. Other condi-
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elicited. Verdict—" Died by the visitation of God."
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As is shown by the above table of percentages of the 382 apparent emme-
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:).ppeared, a cavity was formed large enough to contain half a
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pliiatiouen des Typhus abdomiualis. Aerztl. Ber. d.
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Leloir, Biehl and v. Recklinghausen found thickening and hyaline
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hydria: Allowable: Eggs, soft boiled, hard boiled, or poached. Meats,
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" Boussingault has lately made the discovery, that this gas, with light carbu-
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from a case of tuberculosis which had run a rather rapid
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detention quarters. In the meeting of this Society held in 1897, Dr.
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common use. These gave a ligature greatly superior to that cut
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Dr. Atthill is of opinion, Ist, that retroflexion of the uteras is a common
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and for nearly three years had been perfectly healthy. About eighteen
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rest, the smaller toes are much longer than in man In none of the > — ^
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a lividity which is wanting when collapse is due to other causes. But the
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In conclusion, I would remark that the results of this case accord with
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between the choroid and sclerotic had caused the expul-
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many of its features, and occupied about the same length of
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best results, we injected flk solution (gn jto }sB)withoaeo£jniflrA
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expiration of two wpeks the double-inclined plane was
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The deep dulness is more important in estimating the size of the heart