hyperleukocytosis exists, referable to blood concentration merely,
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before, when I divided the cicatrices freely and screwed the mouth
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The nominal amount of the school funds is $5,652,461,59.
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lever descended too low and ran along the paper-holder for a moment.
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monly more or less struggling, it is, however, more satisfac-
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limbs, and loss of sensation on the front surface of the thighs.
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and this in turn to calvities. After a laborious investigation, extending
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Sonckenburger Natural History Society of Frankfort to Prof.
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tinued painless, in all but two cases, up to the time of observation.
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a decree restoring all the property in question to the
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Brock, G. H., hospital steward, relieved from duty at New Orleans,
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perament is already a step towards disease. Yet the action of the
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New and Revised Edition. London : Longmans, Green & Co.
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valued at 30 Gm. or Cc. Although it is the custom to regard
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[In administering tonics with bromids, Bechterew recom-
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than a week, we at length proceeded down the coast, doubled Cape
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hereby relieved. S. O. 241, h. G. O., October 15, 1887.
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recorded against it. One of the most prominent during the past
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capsule is smooth throughout. The color of the liver is a very unusual shade of
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respiration. Whenever a turtle in air breathes, these triple actions occur, but
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profusely. The next day the ear still running freely, but in the after-
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of loss of strength, which may be sorely needed later.
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Through this wound, a half inch in length, there pro-
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movements generated by sinusoidal pitch rotations with and without head tilt. Aviat
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NOTE. — Special attention is called to the nutritive value of Sanatogen, four
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understood. The Dairy Division of this Bureau has been making a
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should be typed on separate sheets, double-spaced. Bibliog-