Embolic or thrombotic occlusion of tlicse aiteriolcs gives rise to
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pable lesions. As thus restricted, examples of each are not very numerous.
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;,„. VKl m l^r-i.. 1m-..i1i ; l-rr .rnt. M, ,1k- mI.hc ,h-., .Mra.t. a.ui -icn-
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There is, however, another source of this colour in the bile, as it con-
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The second part of the book is said, in the preface, to " contain many
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hour ; soon afterwards, several dejections. Vomiting and purging, at
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tielle avec bSriiiparesie gauche; craniectomie; pas de tu-
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serving in the Medical Department, United States Army,
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in permanently relieving the severe pain, but, if continued long enough,
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inches. The right drum is sunken, and is quite white in colour; no light
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my decided conviction that the spontaneous active inversion of
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mercury, and bring unmerited suspicion upon the person with
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rally soft, and present, if large, a mottled sepia-brown or black appear-
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stereoscopes, filled with interesting cases for demonstration, and a card
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lieving Assistant Surgeon Egan. S. O. 82, C. S., Depart-
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nerve roots, and especially upon the cauda equina, in which case the
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carbonic acid in the blood. That Strychnia acts directly upon a definite portion of the
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cases in which small scar keloids developed and disappeared under
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cancer, though careful examination will reveal tbe ring of sound
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and in part local, and results from the stimulation of the glandular
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she could not remain in even a moderate light with-
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from twenty to sixty drops. In over-doses it is a powerful poison, and,
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but contained a coffee-ground fluid. As a conclusion to be
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thelioid cells, degeneration of the cells constituting
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. Mortality from fever came down during the first week ending