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The most favorable cases are those following pneumonia.

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third case. Murchison saw it in ouly 6 cases, 6 of which were fatal.

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his malaria. He certainly has improved under its administration.

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the purpose of establishing the diagnosis, guinea pigs

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second neck gave passage to a tube which communicated with the

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possessions and expenditures in this District to the acquisition

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nia is an independent process which serves the purpose of main-

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preventing the outflow of bile in the hepatic or common duct, causes

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which begins late is more apt to finish early. There is a certain

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ry as to tlie " contagion of cholera," in the few cases

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at which it is offered should secure for it a place in every lecture-room and on every office table.

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Association’s Blood Bank Liaison Committee with the

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tirely unexpected fortunate termination of the case may

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McCormack. With a Preface by the Author written especially for the

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nosis is the fact that the symptoms are rarely referred

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taneously and intravenously and saline injections were also

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plaint and the dangers which the patient runs must be carefully

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formulas, except in so far as the provisions of this Act may re(piire to secure

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various disinfecting substances were tried with very gratifying

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food enters much more largely into the diet. Goat's-flesh,

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proper supervision, who serves as the educator, ad-

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never saw double. His memory was deficient, but special

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These organs often contain a bloody, mucus-like substance, and their wails

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which I exhibited to large numbers of surgeons and phy-

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Monday, did not accept this disposition. There being 5S