ing on an acute exacerbation of the chronic inflammation.

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projected in the middle line of the calf, covered by the dural

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Isle of Wight, Ventnor, Bournemouth, and Torquay.] Tyrol is also

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1. If under a microscope the bacillus has the morphology of

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ment steam-transports, or round the Cape in the finest sailing-ves-

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Quantitative Analysis of Ordinary Articles of Food. — To this short

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Diet. — The diet should be similar to that in arteriosclerosis (see p.

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Wild rats, AI. rattits, are susceptible. Two were inoculated, whose blood con-

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with paraffin. The preparations were incubated at 37° C. and

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the preservation of health and prevention of disease, that we

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period. This suggests that it is the protracted and abundant

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the skin too superficially, and special care must be observed to

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tion of ononis spinosa with squills; calomel; caffein or theobromin;

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Dr Andrew said he had seen the ecraseur used abroad, con-

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{From the Palhological Laboratory, Tulane University of Louisiana.)

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Tetronal and Trional. — Two other narcotics are superior to sul-

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which was still-born and premature ; and the eleventh, the subject

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ing to the Bordet-Gengou technic. The few sera which have

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Sig. — 1 powder, in a wineglass of Seltzer water, 2 or 3 times a day.

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nated as the loop. The tip n is then drawn out into a moderately

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opsonic index was the same whether normal or homologous leuko-

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Edinburgh Asylum ; F. Skae, Stirling District Asylum ; Lowe,

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was only partially elucidated, or had been in many cases erroneously

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to digest, because it is enclosed in animal cells. Cheeses which do not

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Aufrecht recommends the hypodermic use of hydrochlorate of quinine,

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depth for trickling beds to treat Boston sewage and the best size of

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mainly intended, as its title indeed implies, as an aid to dissection,

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which admit of an outer layer of fibrine becoming organized into

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cause of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and it was supposed that

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In a good many cases of secondary anaemia, (in convalescence, in latent

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