his interest and activities are specialized, or more general. A glance
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held tense by an assistant, I passed the ligature first through the flap on the
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sufficiently developed to be detected, the prognosis must be unfavourable.
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to November, 1910. In the first year of treatment he received sixteen
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following the inhalation of foreign bodies are added to the series.
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especially marked in the upright and ameliorated in the prone
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tracts of tissue, confers a marked degree of tolerance to subsequent
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on admission 2 c.c. of serum were injected subcutaneously to
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The United States Medical and Surgical Journal, November and December,
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nified into the symptoms of some serious and fatal disease, his regi-
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mortar with Fuller's earth and left for some hours. An equal
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been so much derangement of the stomach and liver, accompanied by so
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cess; since, if it were not for the provisional callus or bridges of new bone con-
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mary parenchymatous hypertrophy and primary parenchymatous hypertrophy and
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mission to examine per vaginam, which accomplished, gave me the assurance
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Dog 7. Weight 10.3 kg., May 5, 1911, 12.30 a.m. Given 2 c.c. diph-
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sonable, therefore, to infer, that the application of the blisters had little, if any
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age, without showing any tendency to gravel, some reason will appear
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once or many times over a period of eight or nine years, and they will
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In order to maintain a standard of comparison in the analyses
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ing it, or what is more likely, from a general belief that it is irre-
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from acute pains. The details given me by his parents were, that he had always
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EDWARD H. BARTON, M. D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of
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ceased was in weak health, and kept her' bed, but was not verv ill:* that on the
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her previous view was a pure subterfuge and fully appreciated the
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to treat a patient for paralysis after an apoplectic attack. Here you must
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diarrhea, and prostration. Loss of forty pounds in six months.
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had several attacks, both in hands and feet, of what was diagnosticated as
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pneumonia, thus bearing a close analogy to the disease under dis-
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Urinary, and Uterine Organs. 8vo. pp. 516; Pliiladelphia: Lea &
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The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. (In exchange.)
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Three modes of judgment have appea-ed as necessary to be kept in view in
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those who wish to investigate the history of the human mind. It is from
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clothes free from it; and the same observation was made by others.
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intended to be understood except by those who are thoroughly devoted to