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inflammation, now, we may at once ascertain whether it be a
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the virus is mainly concentrated in the specific lesions. The secretions of
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Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry. Washington : Gov-
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gressive changes had set in. At the tip of the forefinger some remains of the cauli-
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that can be done until an actual diagnosis is made.
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with medical men and medical meetings shows that it is
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Varieties. — a. Ephelis Scorbutica Jiigro-ynaculata, the most
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their ctt'ect in producing the above sentences. Tlie following
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during the weeks which have followed this excitement. The canine
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the breath upon him was sufficient to induce a spasm.
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statistique et observations cliniques. N. Monti)el. ni6d.
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and in a case of this kind, recorded by Chiari, the cerebellum occupied
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any sickness. There were no evidences of any constitu-
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absorb fluid has been demonstrated by injections made
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ka; Tkird Vice-President, Dr. H. C. Wyman, of Mich-
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mend them in preference to all others. This method is, moreover, applicable in
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little point on Lawson's neck known as Carbuncle, The Aureus company of the Staphylococci regiment, who
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of all ordinary ailments, such as headache, neuralgia, dyspepsia, and piles.
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catgut lying on the top of the cicatrix. This one may readily
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Care should be taken not to oversaturate the material
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An incision was made above Poupart's ligament, curving upwards
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tinguish colours by her fingers ; but that, when she first per-
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lower extremities are free from oedema, the complex-
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^^?opTasm oZthr'^lf '°T°' ^TJ° veri^icules lying in a pocket in^the
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vessels temporarily secured by the clamp, he passed
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In giving hypodermic injections of quinine, the utmost care should be