laryngeal nerve ; the lesion may, however, be nuclear or in the course

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cells adjoining those thus affected. In other words, "cell death" means

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the formation of urea, and are most apt to be found in the urine, along

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Treatment. — A change of occupation or several hours of exercise

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and the exact scat of the enlargement when not general. The normal

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Treatment. — At first a restriction of the diet to soft and liquid arti-

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passing from a condition of extreme prostration to one of utter collapse.

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young adults and even children (^vide Etiology). Moderate enlargement

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themselves must freijuently exist. The symptoms when present are,


engorgement ; hence there is no dropsy and no tartuosity of the veins.

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tient's sufi"erings by a prompt resort to morphin, and it often becomes

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lowing ways, according to Drs. Gibson and Fleming^: 1. In complete

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{a) Heredity. — Garrod's dictum, '"that more than one-half of all

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tissue is lacerated, as in cerebral apoplexy ; or it may be {b) circum-

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pylorus, it appears several hours after meals. Vomiting may also be

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and throughout the brain-substance there are numerous punctate hemor-

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dial constrictions, smothering, and painful anxiety are correspondingly

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of irritable bladder are mainly extreme

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Spasm rarely if ever occurs in all the muscles simultaneously. Any

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Fistulae into the pleura, bronchi, and vagina have been recorded, but

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ness usually sufiice to distinguish this from other forms of vertigo. In

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the portal blood, containing bile, to flow into the systemic circulation

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trophy, abscess) ; these conditions are indistinguishable from and asso-

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with a person infected with gonorrhoea. There may be a few

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pain and tenderness, some swelling in front of the ear, muscular twitch-

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then allowing a drop of neutral ferric chlorid solution to come in con-

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affecting the thorax, neck, face, and arms may be noted. Swelling of

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If severe, the only drug that is at all eifective is morphia, which is pref-

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the patient. I have reported one instance, occurring at the Philadel-

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being of the individual. This energy coming as it does from all the great

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The prognosis depends largely upon the cause. In the so-called

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tinuous areas of a nerve. Finally, many nerves may be simultaneously

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and calcified. Xothing can be said as to the possible duration of life.

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valve, following aortic insufficiency, 'may prove salutary by preventing

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rule, however, it is rather copious, and either vmco-purulent or dis-

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interstitial neuritis. There is reason to believe that this is not always

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lowed by the blue, violet, and red, each shade representing a new form

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nounced coryzal symptoms, with much sneezing, stoppage of the nasal

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