frontal lobe, and, to a less extent, the right temporo-sphenoidal
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(and it cannot be from the very physical nature and laws of
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assigned to duty as Medical Director, Department of the
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frequently without the local renal symptoms, are the chief diagnostic
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were noted;^^ but if they were x-rayed about 7 days after the antigen injection,
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lighter peripheral one. The latter becomes broader as the colony
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mends protargol in cases of eczematous keratitis and ciliary
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The Medical Officers' Risks in Warfare. — There is, or rather
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excel, our younger fellow-labourer. I have no hesitation in saying, that
an additional quantity of sugar. It is certain, at all events, that bread is
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or packets under the skin give the tumour its peculiar cha-
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unusually distinct ; the papillae and glands are either
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matter, which is also passed by stool ; great anxiety and prostration,
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In pneumococcal meningitis the lesions are most marked over the con-
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in the stomach and bowels. In all cases a mouth-wash — e.g.,
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long been ap])arent that the greater part of these jieojile make very unsuitable
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came on, leaving the patient exhausted ; and no wonder,
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sleep. The lower eyelid undergoes commencing ectropion ; the palpebral
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rarely, however, the liver substance is paler than normal, and presents a
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permitting the free use of instruments without gag-
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without having any very definite sickness. Two years ago he
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sary to prevent peritonitis; a few stitches, with the
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sistent sinus at the point of incision, which had closed, but had .
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much congested, especially at its cardiac extremity. Here there were numerous
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for the occurrence or non-occurrence of cerebrospinal fever or menin-
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I'r. iOggleston's statement of tho countries in which national
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organized clot, the fibrin being in layers, making the lumen of the vessel
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periods are long. The catalase content of the tissues is low, indi-
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influenzal infections to be transient and speaks of them as tem-
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pointed, and, of course, contribute their quota of the
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articles on the thyroid gland and its diseases. Nevertheless the etiol-
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