Amongst the hill-tribes themselves the Nepalese and Tibetan

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of the cerebral convolutions nearly obliterated, and the hemisplieres

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s:ill maintain their ground." We would point out to the Medical Profession that Ualtley's

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normal. The subsequnt history showed that the man was

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integuments, and tend to produce gangrene. Now all surgeons, where*

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what these fail to do may be sometimes effected by a strong

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5. Jom-nal fiir Kinderkrankheiten unter Mitwirkung der Herren G.

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ference on the part of the attendant has resulted in direct inoculation of

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and that is that the astragalus is the first bone involved and later

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21 per cent, had them at 180®. Of the 201 unsymmetrical eyes, 52 per cent, have

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tion and training (medical, pedagogic and educational) of

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tion — at least as far as the bladder was concerned — ^by

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Sublimate, Corrosive. Bichloride of Mercury. See Corrosive

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The latter gentleman, from my words, had no reason to

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" If the clipping is done close to the uterus, no liga-

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demonstrate that the old-fashioned clinicians were right

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First, the skin is to be painted with tincture of iodine; then the injection

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The "open" method of McBurney was based on the idea of

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pregnant; saw her on the morning of July ^, at 5 o'clock; pains had

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desirable, even be permitted to marry, with the assur-

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the patient know just when the operation is to take place ; then the

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disprove the probability thus urged by counsel, but he is now destitute

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has not been devoted to the injurious effects of heat

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corpuscles rapidly diminish, and there exists a proportionate increase of

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it, if possible, and the relation between us gives us some such control.

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life of medical men during that period; the competitive

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followed by a second, this by a third, and so on by a series of parox-

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pressing agencies, ever bearing in mind that as the vital forces are

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constant pain is experienced that is subject to exacerbations when the intra- studies for life

the second class, or the understanding, of faculties and

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ness of the part affected. But it is scarcely ever that we observe

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must admit the close study, the logical deductions, and the concise

terminals of the secondary coil of the transformer be

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after meals when the stomach is emptying itself rapidly.

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which include the above-described purposes, it is advisable

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rigors, diarrhoea, and frequency of passing urine, which was

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after all Dr. Scoresby Jackson's work is what it aspires to be — a very-