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rarely was apparently still " latent." We now know (1) that these " unions "

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that justice which has so long been withheld. This great desideratum

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pelvis and calyces is liypertemic and ecchymosed. Tlie bladder is contracted,

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young men — all this shows that their hearts were not

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fusion. Fluid. — The general condition of the heart greatly influences the effect

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very reasonable ; and twenty cents for a hypodermic


ture, 0.5 cc. of slightly turbid fluid which yielded negative culture. The centri-

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tinuous current. Third, that the current so produced has all the

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Fox, Cornelius Benjamin, Truro, Cornwall r May 7, 186.3

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fifty-one years old, single; a native of Ireland, and a

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slight variation, in that carcass No. 6 (wide ration) is least in water

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occasionally repeating the same, or the use of mercury in form of a

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account of the beginning of his trouble is always untrustworthy. A

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the differential diagnosis between this disease and

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erable anthelmintic properties. It may be used in dys-

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flammatory more than of other diseases; it (inflammation) may have left the or-

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with the opposite shoulder, and, 1 believe, better adapted for its purpose

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able sensation of prickling, also of dryness in the throat, which leads

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that time, but when entering the hospitn], complained of cramps ( to use the patieni*s owi

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4. Improvement and recovery take place rapidly under

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followed by a second, this by a third, and so on by a series of parox-

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though the morphological changes in the cocci were relatively slight.

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The affection occurs most frequently in laboring men, its course being brief,

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contact with the nerve-centres, or by spoiling the elements of

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When the facial nerve is affected at or above the geniculate gang-

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fect meatus (admitting a No. 30 Fr. sound). The inguinal gan-

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Having recently been at Asheville, N.C., he described the treat-

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Jackson, C. C, Yeatesville, P. and S., Bait., 1893 1893 1893

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expenditure of power, that the patient was in a weakly condi-

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less painful and profuse. She was employed cerin ; or solutions in albuminized water,

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cure-all, and attribute to it tonic, nutritive, excitant, and

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and direction of the wounds, which was from right to left, led the medical

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arrest tin- vomiting and diarrh(ea, but tliey will re-