of about three minutes — and (b) day by day. In 10 turning days,
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Sometimes the inflammation resolves without suppuration, con-
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causes of cardiac dilatation and of permanent failure of the muscular sub-
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cially, pruritus at the anus. The latter symptom, which is often due to
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ditional factor for selection of inpatients is the pa-
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taking malignant pustule f<gr suppurations of cutaneous or subcutaneous
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for. It was new discovered, for the first time, that what had passed his
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their irritation are obviated. This author has found by experiments that at
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into the financing system without a great impact on cost, but
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very irritating to the nose and larynx, and should not be
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!fudex offers 2 % and 5% solution and 5% cream formulations — formula-
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at least fifteen years, Stockton^ believes that, in the absence of or with
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missionary spirit. We can do something in this way to
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that is, developing irritation in a cerebral organ exercising a
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tity. When the tongue hccomes rough, dry, and dark-coloured,
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substances setting up an aseptic meningitis. Infection by the nasal
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But although words may differ, the season itself re-
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in the case of cancer of the tongue, stating that Rontgen and radium
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sent to the country without further operation. There
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nance anxious and depressed ; eyes suffused ; pulse 120. Cannot move right arm or
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1. Through extension of social service — hospital
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eroded, the intervening soft structures having been destroyed
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OF Hair. — The refrigerating property of the spray
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by recalling the fact that the destruction of the red corpuscles takes
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the solution until fully dissolved. The cocaine is for quick
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urinary complaints, as gravel, chronic catarrh of the bladder,
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we can pick out the points, when we find that they are
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Leave of absence for tour months^to take effect about Janu-
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at the posterior border of the quadratus lumbonim muscle,
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nection between the cyst and dilated Fallopian tube that artificial separation
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Cases CLXXYI. and CLXXVII. — Suicide by cutting the
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follow before our large educational institutions get all
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ber of year*. Reacted slowly to treatment, but- recovered after a hard fight.
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Translated from the French of Dr. Paul Reclus by D. G. Woodvine, M. D.,
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taking 112mcg levothyroxine need 125mcg
(tinned-iron) frame, holding a waterproof thick paper cup, so folded
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forming a little cicatricial tumour. Tuberculosis and pycemia, as Sander-
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mentioned causes, and attended with many of the symptoms noted under
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Repr.from: Alienist &. Neurol., St. Louis, 1886, vii.
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glycoprotein, eosinophils, and Charcot-Leyden crystals)
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much may not be so fully said of others. Who could expect at this, or
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lates the Connecticut Medical Society on its choice of a
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disease, which will also be more amenable to treatment, should it occur.
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journey to Kragujevatz (on March 8) after our arrival. The changes
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to pain, but vomited frequently dark green matter; pulse very
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do want to say that we follow the simplest possible method and