were of varying size and location, but were generally
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tion of the abdominal muscles lying directly over the affected parts
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relieved by an act performed by the patient in liis delirium.
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bled less than one not insane : insanity may co-exist with ple-
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arms. The calcification was easily palpated and was demon-
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border of each broad ligament well below the ovary, to secure
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greediness for food : that they be allowed to feed only once
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Medical Miscellany. — Of 154 convicts now in the Tennessee State
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Commission for Medical Afi'airs for its superarhltrmm during the
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/ accounted for either by the state of the patient,
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rated, is indicated. Mercury, internally and by inunction, may do something
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and so soon as this had subsided the patient was given some nourishing
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Herter, 11 B. welchii is considered to be one of the most important fac-
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near*s instrument this i& obviated by a posterior curve in the blades,
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dififerential diagnosis he defines typhus and scarlet
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through the affected sections which have been shown at autopsy and in cerebral
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Cerebral haemorrhage never gives rise to optic neuritis, but important
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low. I now gave thirty grains of sulphate of zinc in solution
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limit ; or it may be that while volition remains the patient is able to resist
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the dispensary proper and the bookkeeping departments;
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A Treatise on Pathological Anatomy. By Carl Rokitansky, M.D.»
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This localization, however, is not absolute, the lesions appearing
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There is much oozing and matting of the hair, and with the destruction
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left side which came down the back of her throat in purulent clots. She
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seen and every variety of cell fragmentation and karyolysis of the nuclei.
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Oct 12 Tumor Conference - 12:00 PM; Meeting Rooms A or B, Sioux Valley Hospital Info: 333-7281.
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It was stated in evidence, by one of the medical gentlemen, that if strychnia
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of the degenerative or parenchymatous form. In other cases there is both
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shaped, irregular in outline, and about five times the size of the normal kidney.
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muscles, as well as of the liver, may be practically absent, and the epithelial
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as in the bones of the ankle and foot, separate spots of ossifica-
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the Secretary, or at the Tavern. Dinner to be on table at half-past
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of his germ-plasm, and so transmitted to his descendants? If
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