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2. Sanitaria in the Treatment of Tuberculosis. Vincent Y.

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they do not antagonize, but supplement each other. From the chemical

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course, I know that in New York they do not allow them to sell any-

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slow pulse, with long diastolic pauses, of digitalis (Fig. 7); Kron-

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earliest known case, for Dr. Eden has kindly told me of a case recorded

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situation before the tumour was freed. After removal of the cyst the

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adopted its schedule of minimum requirements, to go into effect after

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rectum, I perforated for about one-third of an inch ; I then tried

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more deeply than normal. The first areas of adenocarci-

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particular spot; occasional vomiting ; an anxious countenance ;

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talked of outside of Philadelphia. We are also busying ourselves with col-

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The Botanic Sentinel will be devoted to the best in-

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'Shaw, Edward B.: "School Hygiene." The Macmillan Co., N. Y., 1902.

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New England States, Canada, New York, and Pennsylvania, from

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plantation nach Thiersch, Centralblatt fiir Chirurgie, 1894, No. 7,

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The especial interest of these cases lies, to me, in the low-

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Board." In their Annual Report for this year, the Trustees

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