same causes as those to which other forms of sclerosis have been attri-
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"One would naturally regard electricity, which always induces definite
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open for well written and candid articles from gentle-
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hypertonia, dimness, and somnolence have been reported
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great improvements that have been made in medicine as in
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indications which might prove helpful in practical medicine
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female urethra is caruncle. The patient that I Ijring
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have universally affirmed the legality or constitu-
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tive statement in conflict with this opinion. This same author states that
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twelve hours. A trial of the dead culture was also made
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shape is unquestionably a matter of family inheritance,
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fortunately, typhoid arteritis does not always end in obliteration of the
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changes. When one had to rely for diagnosis on nervous symp-
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imperfect recovery after evacuating one abscess, as the
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lation of feces which has been assigned as its cause.
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ments brought forward by these anatomists were inconclusive, because they were derived
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eliir.. Par.. 1886, vi, ,529-543 Also. Iransl. [Abstr 1 Illuslr.
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might possibly be said that the institution of such an exa-
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dentists, who do not remove such teeth. In view of Dr. Conner's remarks,
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in the mental state of the pregnant woman, and have
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ascertained that certain dogs inoculated with non-fatal rabic virus were
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care of Dr. H. A. Hamilton, who says that some of the cases were con-
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dull black. The capillary vessels are found to contain numerous endo-
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and there was a film of lymph on the surface of the heart ; there
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my part For it is apparent from the doctor's attempted
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applicable to the different seasons of the year, the different
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sphincters. Very often the first symptom of its influence is a
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of a sufliciently developed uterine mucous membrane — two factors without
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ment inflicting the wound or injury was septic, the eye may first be washed with
LA good to excellent for overall performance. Virtually all
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in decreasing numbers, with many links missing from our chain
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ing that have been the effects of its operation, but
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ring in the locality of the pump and studied especially with reference
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idea of the amount of urinary solids secreted in twenty-four hours. We may, how-
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influenced by the now exploded doctrine of irritation. The terms fever and
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