1957. Koltes, John A., Jefferson Hospital, 14th Annex, 10th & Sansom St. (7)
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dependent parts ; considerable edema of the left leg, also of
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watched. These regular visits of daily inspection were main-
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Fat. This is the most dangerous tissue and must be treated ac-
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thought of his classical story. Judah, a great man, high
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sented was the exhibition to the Congress upon one of
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The book is divided into two departments. The first section
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The term '^ certified milk" was coined by Dr. Henry L. Coit of
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the teeth, (though from what has already been said it is clear that
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have been held in Madison. I think that these, con-
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is an invitation to the intestine to enter, its occlusion may
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over-distention of the bowels, which is one of the most
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It may be no easy task to distinguish true chorea from the hysterical
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XII. Candidates may, if they choose, be admitted to Ex-
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Yerfarbung und verringerte Transparenz der Papille," The
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degree by clothing, merchandise or excreta. The infection orig-
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the nose. The right eye was ecchymosed. He was quite unconscious,
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sion, for preserving the concurrency of their actions, and the
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de i'armfee et la statist i(|ue sanitaire dressee i)ar le Minia-
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cludes that because all this sin existed the nation is full
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The head, a very large one, was impacted in the superior strait; the os uteri
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and doctor in this very fatal disease. All should be
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is on the average chai'acterized by comparative instability and inertness, these
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Tertiary lesions appear early in many cases. Mucous patches tend to
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1-50 gtain, together with strychnine in all forms of optic atrophy, and many
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epidemic, while many older children were affected, was
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followed by any one, have shown that there are numei-
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tinal canal, and in their character and quantity depend, on
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third case. Murchison saw it in ouly 6 cases, 6 of which were fatal.
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though not necessarily limited to these in its ulterior development, com-