one of the commonest localizations of the disease. It is apt to be
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differences (Table 4). Both groups consisted of women in
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[4] (Iiiaiiam-Smith. Joum. of llugunc, 11K)2, ii, pp. 170-93: l'.X)4. iv, pp. 268-327; and
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nnknown ; the ultimate cause is the preservation of the human
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the cooperative effort of the Rehabilitation Department and Medical Arts
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implied that development was irregular, and had not
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poor country. (Laughter.) Besides, one reason for having
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are detected is in a morbid condition. Leyden, indeed, quotes statements
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The physical signs continue often one to two weeks after the fever.
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resulting from singultus, was so great as to shake the bed on which he
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without ulceration. Hyperkalemia ( >5.4 mEq/L) has been
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symptoms which the patient had exhibited. It seems, at any
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ral considerations presented in Chapter II., Part II., to which' the reader
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Before the wound is closed and dressed, the hemorrhage must
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made, and I again, but w^ith great difliculty, detected the two
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becomes a source of pain, also various symptoms of a general
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cough, with expectoration of a muco-purulent character, frothy
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selves. Thus, a frivolous friend says a rich man is one who cannot enter
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vanced age the brain and heart, the nervous and vascular system, are fre-