Transmission of microorganisms by the egg is not unknown among
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gitis, is the occurrence of certain cutaneous eruptions. Chief among them is
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The process may involve the external genitals or the vagina and cervix.
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University, D.S.C., 1948; University of Chicago, D.Sc, 1958; Jefferson
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more than two hours from the living animal its value is much impaired
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a number of cases which are said to be free from abscess.
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which is reported in this issue, it is virtually impossible
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insidious foes the microbes. It is not possible here
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It was finally voted that the Committee on Public Policy and
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afterwards continued to pafs by the natural outlet. M. Pipelct,
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The wood-cuts and the colored plates illustrating the
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its v«alue is doubtful, as it does not control the cou<>;h, and is,
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eral is favorable, as there is little tendency for the process to spread,
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gave rise to rapid gaseous gangrene. The animal died in fortj eighl hours, the affection
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grounds in the evacuant stage. Dewees is dissentingly quoted by
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bladder, might develop, although this result had not yet been
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adapted to the majority of cases are Mackenzie's rect
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during life ; and 3, by the absence of any trace of
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between the two kinds of particles. The old materials may,
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raises, " Are there any facts known concerning the physio-
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jammed, they formed a sort of natural bridge. Although most of
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line drawn from the upper end of the concha auris to the lower
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cases of lupus, which appeared to belong to both human and bovine
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Morphin seems to be the most frequently used alkaloid of
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I- ...•- ..-'i-iial fund allowed to accumulate while the sick are in want of any-
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of spinal abscess. In accordance with this change in
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thickened, but its cavity was small. It presented the condition
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Every such report pleads *' trumpet-tongued " for the entirely
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present that evidently some change was going on. The symp-
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exists between the intestinal tract and the peritoneal
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The value of gymnastic exercises in improving the general vigour and