examine the question. Blindness due to tumours and lesions of the brain,

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are found normally in the biliary passages; in cases of obstruction to the

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interest or importance. Those which attend lymphadenoma of the spleen

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ments are executed with pain and difficulty. Conjunctivitis, swelling of

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Mr. Charles Rice, of New York, objected to the admission of the delegation

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worth your while to notice that Dr. Van Ingen calls

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below the great trochanter of the right femur, shattering the upper

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ledge of the facts other than that gained from the state-

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result when he had seen patients deeply etherized, but he had

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In pyonephrosis there is a characteristic renal swelling, elastic, fluctuant,

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hope of long life and much joy. The long life was yet

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Cholera has extended its ravages over the earth, and is now a

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wards and inwards, near and behind what are called the

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standard emergency practice with an intellectual review

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mineral constituents are rich in phosphates and chlorides. The

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Staining Methods. — A blood film, prepared in the usual

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one quarter double. The numbers are thirty-one on the left

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so placed that they can be turned in any direction ;

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not be here repeated. They occur in the kidney more frequently than in any