services. It was alleged that the defendant had seduced her, and that she was

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in the case referi-ed to above : — Diluted rectified

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great value. The harmless character of the serum was

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summarized in the Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung (Vol. for 1897,

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though the morphological changes in the cocci were relatively slight.

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important and of great service, not only in minimizing the unavoidable

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The Inter-Provincial Registration Committee, about which so much in-

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spirit, and I may say, with a high order of intelligence,

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nature of the disease is recognized, isolation has practically no influ-

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strong, with no trace of disease except the local deformity.

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by acting meclianically on the coaguluni. The addi-

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test of Rowntree and Geraghty, and by noting the percentage re-

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such remedies as will awaken the system to a healthy metabolism, and

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dog or cat, much more poisonous than of herbivora — notice difference in smell of

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quantity of albumin would suffice ; 50 grammes of albu-

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Alkaloidal Practice tells exactly how to apply the active principles to

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first, on February 6th, I found the following state :

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Urinary Fistula\ By Sir Henry Tliompson, F. R. C. S., etc., 315

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He has never noted the evils following a vegetable or

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the deeper portions of the air-passages seems to imply that the bacillus,