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following manner : — "In 100 c.c. of urine 10 grs. of ammonium chloride


oblique and latissimus dorsi muscles. In this situa-


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This is a reliable proc'edure so long as the pass into grave nervous disease, the cir-


a shadow. He has never known of any inflammatory lesions


Albuminuria was present on two examinations in large

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this catalogue, it is curious to remark that one hundred and V^trtyseven^

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effort, a much larger quantity — considerably more than the whole

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cannot I give the ether gas? He said that I could do so, and spoke again of the

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and during the whole of that period in tlie several districts,

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after the 9th of the following August, i.e. the 16th August. Hence, as the


tains on the discrimination necessary to be observed between

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Psychological Essays. By Henry Mandsley, M. D., London, Fellow

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atients ti*eated with topical fluorouracil — especially with 5%

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enlarged but apparently diminish. This coincides with the


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to whom I then communicated my results with the phenic acid,

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Certainly, without quoting authorities, the reading of Coste or Farre either,

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to give up her position at the hospital. Since this

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fection, but they are non-infectious. That is the point I am trying


there being no registration needed for the burial of

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serious, their chief cause — over-feeding — be kept up,

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liaimorrhage. No new facts or theories are involved, but the case

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low and scarcely audible ones. Her temperature was 2

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oral schools in Europe, I strongly urged in my pub-

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expectation of life the results of observation and investigation

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on the wound caused pain, not in the left but in the right eye, which was

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and have frequently .alcoholic histories. On opening the


expression that the blood disks were more or less abundant does not convey to our

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Tin- existence of hemiplegia, which it is known did not exist prior to


plant (being naturalized from Europe). The imi)orted

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revealed abscesses everywhere, the gland being riddled with them.

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ism and thrombosis, either of the cerebral or of the pulmonary vessels,


Dr. Hoff served as Chief of Staff of St. Luke’s Hos-


metastases. The tumor evidently arose from the surface epi-

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Young, D. S. : Influences of drug therapy on laboratory data. Labo .

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paralysis is apparently due to the action of the toxin locally during

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went beyond the normal point. After resolution of the hepa-

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skin, and results in an endo-vasculitis with final obliteration

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eligible to join S.D.Med.PAC. Family members and medical society staff can also become members of

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A separate section is devoted to the consideration of the


ceeds forthwith to administer the knockout drops by telling his patient

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tained one part of adrenalin to 10,000 parts of normal

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the two cases. This firedamp, which seems to be the Globe's

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cultivable bodies alone showed only the hemorrhagic edema and the